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California Psychic and Spiritual Adviser

California Psychic and Spiritual Counselor

Among the Best Psychics in California: Meet Rose

Welcome to the Spa for the Soul. A place, that we hope, you will find many avenues for your spiritual development, and personal growth. We offer psychic readings by Rose, a spiritual medium from Southern California. Rose is a true clairvoyant, in that she does not use any tools in her psychic readings or spiritual life coaching sessions. Rose is truly unique with the readings she offers, as she is able to see a general picture and is able to pull in details, not only about your life, but your soul’s path and past life experiences. Rose will be able to connect with you on all levels.

We would like to invite you to explore the best of yourself, and offer you self improvement resources that may help you on your journey. Aside from the psychic readings, Rose also offers spiritual counseling. As a spiritual life coach and medium, she feels that it is important that everyone have a spiritual system in place of their own choosing to enhance personal and spiritual health.

B Lynk’d is designed to be an interactive site, because we are all linked and serve each other. We must all find balance and development on various levels. To help you with some of your needs, there is a reference list of experienced professionals and small businesses. As this site grows, we will continue to add to our referral list. In addition to the referral list, we have suggested literature, foods, exercises and meditations. We also have a blog and forum to add to the self improvement resources. As your spiritual life coach, I would love for you to share your thoughts and suggestions.

As our goal to be a site of awareness and giving, we would like to donate 5% of the sites proceeds annually to our guests favorite charities. To help us make our world a better place, please visit the forums to post your charities of choice. Thank you

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The Journey down the psychic path is not exclusive. Everyone has this ability to a certain degree. Learn how to recognize and develop this ability within yourself. Discover your full potential and become your highest spiritual self.


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